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Markets by Mike Paulenoff 11/21 - What is the Longer Term TWTR Chart Telling Us? Nothing Good!

Wednesday November 21st, 2018
by Mike Paulenoff

TWTR-- deserves and requires more than a one-liner. Wow, what a chart!  My attached Weekly Chart shows a massive Head & Shoulders Top Formation that is in the process of carving out a Right Shoulder between 36 on the high side and 27 on the low side.

The implication from the pattern indicates that if for whatever reason TWTR declines beneath 26-27 support, it will be vulnerable to powerful forces of long liquidation that sends the stock towards 12-15 optimally, and possibly to SINGLE DIGITS thereafter.

If Left-Right Shoulder time symmetry is equal, then 10-12 weeks will be needed to complete the Right Shoulder, which means another 3-5 weeks from now, or mid-to-late December before TWTR will be extremely vulnerable to acute selling pressure.

Only a climb above 36-37 will invalidate the Top Formation...

Anyone have some thoughts about what conditions or fundamentals would send TWTR into an existential tailspin?


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*  I really like Mike's charts and analysis. This is shared with my readers here via  *

Tiger's Take:   Looks bad for Twitter stock holders, a huge head & shoulders bearish pattern. 

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