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Watchlist Update: 12-29-2019 - Our Trading Lists!

The Wild Tiger Trading - Trading List!

The Hunted: (Prey) = Our top trading list candidates! Stocks in which we are comfortable in actively trading, using some leverage, playing the options, etc. 'Risk On' for this group.

The Stalked: (Prospects) = These have gotten our attention. Stocks which we may trade, but less risk used, less leverage, less margin, etc. This group is just lesser known by the HUNTING TIGER who has just spotted them and needs to stalk them further. OR feels these are less proven and more risky and will use a cautionary approach. OR the meal seems currently overvalued and not worth the full chase.

Currently being hunted:  (Prey)

Biotechs / Healthcare:

$AMRN - Amarin Corp.

$AUPH - Aurinia Pharmaceuticals

$CARA - Cara Therapeutics

$COLL - Collegium Pharmaceutical

$EXEL - Exelixis

$HZNP - Horizon Therapeutics

$IMMU - Immunomedics

$IOVA - Iovance Biotherapeutics

$SGMO - Sangamo Therapeutics

$TDOC - Teladoc Health

$TGTX - TG Therapeutics


$CPE - Callon Petroleum

$USO - US Oil Fund and $UCO - 2x Oil ETF

$WLL - Whiting Petroleum

Currently being stalked:  (Prospects)


$ACST - Acasti Pharma

$AGTC - Applied Genetic Technologies

$DVAX - Dynavax Technologies

$EPZM - Epizyme, Inc.

$KPTI - Karyopharm Therapeutics

$PSNL - Personalis Inc.

$SUPN - Supernus Pharmaceuticals


$AMC - AMC Entertainment

$FCX - Freeport-McMoRan Inc

$OAS - Oasis Petroleum

$SPCE - Virgin Galactic

$TA - TravelCenters Of America

Disclosure: I may trade in the ticker symbols mentioned, both long or short. My articles represent my personal opinion and analysis and should not be taken as investment advice. Readers should do their own research before making decisions to buy or sell securities. Trading and investing include risks, including loss of principal.

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