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Weekly CFTC Commitment of Traders highlights - July 20th 2018

Weekly CFTC Commitment of Traders highlights

S&P500 net long 5.5K contracts, up 1.3K from prior week and a 5-week high in net longs... 10-YEAR U.S. TREASURY net short 469.1K contracts, up 30K from prior week... U.S. DOLLAR INDEX net long 18.9K contracts, up 0.2K from prior week and a 13-month high... EURO net long 21.4K contracts, down 3.0K from prior week and a 14-month low in net longs... BRITISH POUND net short 38.8K contracts, down 1.6K from prior week... JAPANESE YEN net short 58.7K contracts, up 18.9K from prior week and a 5-month high in net shorts... CANADIAN DOLLAR net short 47.5K contracts, down 5.5K from prior week and a 3-week low in net shorts... CRUDE OIL net long 631.3K contracts, down 23.2K from prior week and a 3-week low in net longs... GOLD net long 57.8K contracts, down 23.6K from prior week and an 18-month low in net longs... COPPER net long 9.1K contracts, down 5.1K from prior week and a 14-month low in net longs.

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NOTE: The Commitments of Traders is a weekly market report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) listing and reporting the holdings of participants in various futures markets in the United States. The (CFTC) releases a new report every Friday at 3:30 pm ET, the report reflects the commitments of traders from the prior Tuesday.

Sharing this weekly report with my readers as some traders may be interested in this....

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